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January 21, 2010

From books to films and vice versa

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I recently watched Sherlock Holmes, and it was one of the very few times I didn’t came out disappointed after watching a movie inspired by a book.

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Sherlock Holmes pleasantly surprised me because Holmes’ character in the movie was not a complete adaption of the original Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Holmes.  He was dynamic, fun, more like James Bond minus his gadgets and cars.  The reason, this adaption doesn’t disappoint because it deviates from the original work giving more scope for imagination.  It cannot surpass the book but it doesn’t make you feel cheated as well.

Most Books are better than the movie that adapts them. Period. If you have read a book you are always left wanting to more after watching the movie. It’s very rare that the film gives you more than the book. Good ones equal the book but rarely surpass the original work.

Harry Potter series is the perfect example. With all due respect to it’s directors, the harry potter films have disappointed every single time. They have been big hits no doubt because the fans of the book are too loyal to miss anything related to potter.  And people who have never read harry potter series; don’t enjoy the films at all.

But there are some adaptions that have done full justice to the books. Godfather, Shawshank Redemption, Jurrasic Park, Forrest Gump, One flew over the cuckoo’s nest to name a few. But what about the books that are inspired by films?

Books based on movies

Believe it or not there are certain authors who are original enough to based their books on films. More than anything, these books are mere tools to cash-in on the popularity of the film. Mummy is one such example.  There is an entire series written which tries to replicate the movie but falls flat on its face.

The idea to write a book based on a movie in itself is ridiculous. I am sure who so ever came up with this idea wasn’t a book lover. The fun of reading a book is imagining. You imagine as you read. And if there is a movie based on the book, the book lover will try to compare the movie with his or her imagination. If the film doesn’t equal or surpass the imagination, the filmmaker hasn’t done a good job.

But if you write a book based on a film, there is no scope left for imagination. All you can think of while reading a book is the movie. And you would rather watch the movie than read it. That’s the reason the trend of writing movie inspired books hasn’t caught up yet (thank fully). It’s a sheer wastage of resources.

Book or a film, it is a world of imagination. Reading a book is like cooking your self, you are free to cook and how what you wish. While a film is like a take out food; you know what you want to eat but it is someone else’s creation.  But both are different means to same end. Enjoy your meal!


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