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December 22, 2009

Goa: Whose paradise is it anyway?

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Goa, the Miami of India, defines cosmopolitan in its true sense. It’s so cosmopolitan that an Indian can end up feeling like a tourist in his/her own country.

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It was my second trip to Goa. Nothing has changed. It still welcomes you with a breezy embrace on its sunny beaches.  The smallest state of India, Goa, has the biggest heart. Just a stroll on its beaches and lanes will make you realize why.

Here you’ll find more foreigners than Indians. And more importantly more foreigners who have made this beautiful place their home. Most of them living here are on long vacations with their families. They live in nice little cottages on the beach living their dream. Goa is the Bahamas of the not so affluent. It’s cheap, beautiful and feels like home.

Paradise for newlyweds

The other category of people who one will come across in Goa are the Indian honeymoon couples.  They stand out on the beaches walking hand in hand coyly unlike the foreigners who just blend in. Infact non-Indians are an indispensable part of the backdrop of Goa, swimming and sun bathing on its beaches.

You may find few odd Indian honeymooners venturing into the waters. But they are an exception rather than the rule. And sighting an Indian couple in swimsuits is like spotting a rare species while bird watching.  Usually you will find the husband in his shorts enjoying a quick dip while the wife gives him the company from the shore, jeans rolled up till knees.

It’s true that though Goa has opened its heart, Indians are still too conservative to embrace it. While the foreigners have not only accepted the city, they have made it into their home.

No wonder then that for most Indians going to Goa feels like going out of the country.While for those who come from abroad, it feels like coming home.


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