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November 30, 2009

Perfection with no regrets

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Perfectionist to the tee, Prichayada Promchertchoo likes everything planned and predictable. Yet it is the unpredictability of news and journalism that attracted her to the profession.

She started her career right after graduation when she was appointed as a news presenter with Thai Asean News Network. Facing the camera at the age of 22, she gained experience at an early age. Since she was an arts graduate, she thought her foundation in journalism was not solid enough. Hence, she gave up her job and come to London for further studies.

Journalism for her, is a way to earn money, travel and to serve society at the same time.

“What other profession can give you that satisfaction? ”

And it’s also her other passion, travel, that brought her to London. “ I want to see the world”.I could see the enthusiasm in her eyes.

Prichayada “Monica” Promchertchoo

She wants the world to be her oasis. A perfect oasis; where everything is planned just likes her well-compartmentalised drawers. I couldn’t help but think of Monica from FRIENDS. She is just like her! Her notebook looks like a printed book. If she makes a mistake while taking notes in the class, she either rewrites it on a fresh page or draws something to hide it.

But in life Prichayada has made no mistakes so far.  She has no regrets. “ Everything has turned the way I wanted”.  And it’s this confidence that leaves a lasting impression on you.


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