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I am Rabea Khan, a journalist from India, currently pursuing MA in International Journalism at University of Westminster

I am often asked why did i choose journalism.

Well, I didn’t choose this profession, it chose me. A rather conceited statement some may say, but there is no better way to put it when it comes to describing my reasons for choosing journalism.

A commerce graduate and a cost accountant in the making, it was during my 2nd semester, when the reality fell upon me that I actually don’t want to spend the rest of my life doing a 9-5 office routine. Better late than never, I weighed my options and decided upon Journalism as I was a decent writer and an avid reader. I enrolled for a PG diploma in journalism and hence the journey began.

I got my internship with Times of India, a leading national broadsheet. Job was to do write-ups for their coffee-table books. It was when I got the first taste of reporting and I enjoyed it thoroughly. From there I moved on to broadcast media with my stint at the New Delhi Television, India’s most reputed 24-hr channel when it comes to TV journalism.

I was a researcher for their various current affairs based talk shows. It was a fortuity to work with the biggest names to reckon with in Indian journalism and it further motivated and instigated me to keep improving and moving ahead.

I joined CNN-IBN, a leading 24-hr news channel to work on their prime-time shows. Designated as Associate Editor, the job was to deal with the newsmakers and arrange for the interviews/ discussions. I got the opportunity to interact with who’s who of the country. Eventually, I moved on to Headlines Today (leading 24-hour English news channel belonging to the TV TODAY network) where I worked as an Associate Producer. My work essentially involves studio direction for LIVE news bulletins.

Two years hence, here i am back to school and now am a blogger too!

Journalism has eventually grown upon me over these past few years of my career. I love the passion, the energy and the commitment towards public good. It may not be my first choice but I am convinced it’s the best decision I had made for myself.

Contact:  khan_rabea at


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