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November 17, 2009

Why am i scared of NHS…

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For the record, I have nothing against public health services. In fact all states should have a similar system in place. What bothers me is its non-personal functionality that can prove to be perilous as times.

As far as I know, this is the normal course of action if you are registered with a GP. When i am sick, I am supposed to call my GP. If the GP thinks that he can assess my sickness by talking to me (which is how it works in most cases), he’ll give me prescription over the phone.

Some may say, what’s wrong with that? You save money and time on traveling.  Agreed. But what scares me when they prescribe medicines like Tamiflu over the phone! .

A friend of mine was sick recently, fever but no cold. She called up her GP. His assistant answered phone.  She described her condition the reply was, “..don’t worry, just pop a Tamiflu and you’ll be fine in no time.”  She protested by saying that I don’t have swine flu. To this, the assistant replied, “So what, you have one of the five symptoms of swine flu, you might as well take the tablet.”

Now anyone who has read the information about swine flu would know that if you are not suffering from swine flu and you take Tamiflu, how dangerous it might turn out to be. Tomorrow, God forbid, when you actually contract the disease, there are chances that your body may have built resistance to the medicine and hence it won’t work!!

Minor cold and flu validate on-phone prescription, but in a pandemic environment, a GP should at least see the patient first and assess the illness before making any such prescription.


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