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October 29, 2009

London Oh London…

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Gloomy weather, high cost of living and a popular pub culture, this is how I expected London to be and to be honest I wasn’t disappointed.

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But London is much more than that. The sheer number of foreigners living in this city gives it a totally eclectic culture, which is quite unique.  And I am not talking about tourists here. People who have inhabited London come from different corners of the world adding a shade of their own culture to the colourful London canvas.

Take a trip to a local TESCO and you would get the idea. They have different sections for various nationalities where you can find the groceries typical to that region.

You have an Italian section, afro-Caribbean, East Asian and of course Indian.  If you are planning a trip to London, one thing you should not bother to pack, are the spices. You’ll find them all here under one roof. Actually it was easier for me to shop here compared to India where I had to make trips to two or three different markets whenever I planned to cook something exotic. But if you intend to eat out in an Indian restaurant, be prepared as it can be quite expensive. But then everything is expensive here.

You may choose not to eat out but travelling is inevitable. The popular way to commute is here by the local trains, called the tubes. Since I come from Delhi, I can’t help but compare it to Delhi Metro, which is much more cheaper and faster. One-day trip costs me the same I used to shell out in one month in Delhi.

Not just that, the speed at which the tube travels can be quite annoying as well.  It such a stark contrast to an otherwise fast paced life of London.  You seem to have gone back in time when you sit in a tube, listening to the noise of railway tracks.

And it is this co-existence of history and modernity that makes London so special.


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